Is SEO Important For Every Business?

Yes, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for all types of businesses. Weather you have an e-commerce website or an informative website, static website or a dynamic website, SEO is beneficial for your online business promotion. You should give SEO the same importance that a brick and mortar business gave to a yellow page directory listing, years ago.

SEO services like search media marketing, organic search engine optimization, Internet marketing consultation and website analytics helps to boast your search engine ranking in top search results and improve your business profits exponentially. Ranking high on search engines result page is very important if you want specific customers visit your website.

For example suppose you have website that sell school books. To grow your business and boost your profits, you need to increase your sales. To increase sales, you need visitors. Now, if your website ranked high on search engine result page, you will get thousands of visitors each day who will be interested in purchasing your books. In short, when your website is ahead of your competitor’s website in search results, you will get thousands of visitors everyday out of which at least some will definitely buy your products.

Not only this, today SEO is considered as the best online business promotion strategy, as it greatly emphasizes on addition of new & quality content to your website, frequently. This is important because customers nowadays heavily depend on Internet to gather information and if you have optimized your website content, there is high probability that people will stay on to your website for a longer duration and not move on to your competitor’s website.

Search Engine Marketing is all about making your websites SEO friendly so that business can prosper and you get higher return on investment (ROI). Another benefit of SEO is that it increases your brand credibility in the market. People are more aware of your brand name and hence they return to you in the future when they need to make similar purchases.

Therefore SEO is a good investment and not an expense when it comes to website promotion. You can target specific online traffic who will contribute in improving your conversion rate. Dominate search engines easily by ranking high on them by opting for SEO services for your website.

Investing In Chinese Real Estate Investment Trusts

One of the investment instruments is a Real Estate Investment Trust or REIT. One can control real estate through these. Thus is one does not have a large amount of money, he or she can still participate in the ownership of real estate through REITs. These can generate income and capital appreciation over a period of time.

Due to the ensuing Olympics in Beijing, China, there is an excellent opportunity to invest in China REITs for a short period and quick profits.

Till very recently China was quite a closed economy. Investment in Chinese real estate possible was possible only through Hong Kong companies. GZI REIT operating from Hong Kong was the first successful REIT to have established control over REITs in mainland China. Now others have followed.

There is a great demand for real estate in China and will be strong during coming years, more so during 2008. Moreover, China is opening up and its economy is booming. Chi8nese middle class is also on swelling. All this bodes well for real estate in China.

Two major areas where REITs are going to be lucrative are hotels and resorts. So investors may do well investing in these REITs. According to Beijing Tourism Bureau, there will be 110 new hotels coming up for accommodating about 550,000 guests during Beijing Olympics.

Beijing and Shanghai REITs may provide opportunities for quick bucks. One can do good even in the long run.

One needs to be clear about investment objectives in China REITs. For short run profits, Beijing Olympics provides a good outlet for excellent returns. These may continue to be so even in the long run though at a reduced rate.

While investing in Chinese markets, one has to be careful about certain conditions which are peculiar to China only. For example it is still not considered a transparent country. Its laws are obscure and complex. There are many language and cultural barriers. In view of these problems, it might be advisable to invest in Hong Kong or Singapore REITs which have a stake in real estate of mainland China. These are more open and subject to international law.

International investing provides a mechanism for diversification and a hedge against US recession. Therefore, China and other Asian countries need to be given serious attention.
All of these markets need to be researched and explored.

Why You Should Invest In The Urban Real Estate Market

Although many investors are leery when it comes to investing in urban neighborhoods, these areas possess a very appealing demographic of potential tenants. Listed below are 5 reasons why, you may want to consider investing in the urban real estate market.

1. Pricing- Now we’ve all heard the old saying that “You get what you pay for” but there are many hidden gems in the urban markets around the U.S. One rule always rings true in real estate investing and that’s to do your homework. Great deals can be obtained in any neighborhood and in any market so keep your options open.

2. Section 8 tenants – Imagine tenants on a waiting list because the U.S government subsidizes 80% of their monthly rent and they want to move in your rental property! The truth is this happens everyday across America in many inner city neighborhoods. These tenants are called section 8 residents and the U.S government is your rental insurance policy.

3. Fix and flips- Many builders such as KB Homes have reported huge losses at the end of 2007 but the truth is investors that really study the real estate market are eager to find great deals in today’s market. As a real estate consultant, I can personally attest to hundreds of deals that have come across my desk. The key to fix and flips in today’s market is selling the rehabbed property with incentives and preferably a tenant if it’s an investment property.

4. Government redevelopment- Often times the government funds projects to redevelop neighborhoods in many inner city areas across the U.S. The local government receives funding and usually offers attractive incentives to developers and home owners investing in these neighborhoods. This is a great way to keep your money in your pocket due to grants that may be available and you may even receive great deals on interest rates. So take advantage of the government spending our tax dollars, to improve neighborhoods you wish to invest in.

5. Location- Growing up my favorite board game was monopoly and I always tried to purchase the cheap real estate first because I could build homes and hotels a lot faster. Think of urban real estate investing the same way, you buy it low and sell it high when the opportunity presents itself, but in the meantime you collect rents and make a profit. There are many objectives to real estate investing such as appreciation, cash flow investing, etc. As you build your real estate portfolio you’ll find out that cash flow investing has less to do with location and more to do with making a profit. I hope this information helps to guide you in the right direction on your road to success.