Top Tips on Sailing Through Investment Banking Interview Questions

Be prepared to face tough time answering investment banking interview questions if you have not prepared your mind and focused on the subject for some time. It is like doing a rehearsal for a play where you need to memorize the lines and also get under the skin of the role.

Banking job requires being on your feet and thinking in a flash. Correct analogies will save millions of dollars and a wrong take could spoil the entire show.

There are several facets in investment banking that could come up for questioning by the interviewers of the company you apply to. They could ask you common investment banking interview questions about the stocks you follow or which aspect of the job excites you the most. It could be research, trading, sales or even corporate finance and you need to think on your feet to home in the point.

Arguments have to satisfy the company

If you chose to apply to a particular company, they may ask you the reason for applying. You would have to justify the reason for choosing the company over others and your reasons have to be spot on and on the dot.

Each investment banking company is vying with the other to get a large share of the business and your arguments have to satisfy the company you are applying to. Leadership issues could come up among investment banking interview questions.

You would have to tell them about your leadership experience and how you effectively managed to handle stressful situations and came out a winner. It is an issue of nerves you have to wrestle with all the while during and after the interview process when you take up the job. Decisions require taking in a flash and there is no room for errors.

Upfront and real time information about the market is an added advantage to make a serious bid for the job. You have to be prepared to answer questions about other banks that you have approached and why you have chosen to come to the company for an interview. You have to possess tact to answer all the investment banking interview questions correctly.